Mt. Pleasant Academy

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A Residential Treatment Center for Boys
with Compulsive Sexual Behaviors, Pornography Addiction,
Sensitive Sexual Issues, and/or Digital Addictions..

Mt. Pleasant Academy

Mt. Pleasant Academy is a specialized residential treatment center for boys 12-18 who exhibit compulsive sexual behavior, pornography addiction, sensitive sexual issues, and/or digital addictions. A small 16-bed treatment center, Mt. Pleasant Academy is a safe place for boys dealing with sensitive issues to be open and honest about their problems in an environment and approach that is accepting and supportive but not judgmental. Mt. Pleasant Academy has one of the very best professional therapeutic teams specializing in sexual compulsive behavior. They care deeply about our students and their families and are specifically trained and equipped to address the complex and sensitive issues so many boys struggle with.

Programs Offered

  • Licensed Certified Sex Addiction Therapists (CSAT)
  • Trauma Focused CBT
  • Trauma and Attached Informed Therapy
  • Clinical Assessments and Testing Available
  • Weekly Family Sessions via Telephone or Video Conference
  • Daily Equine Therapy
  • Required Student and Family Therapeutic Course Work
  • Psycho-educational Group Sessions
  • Experiential Therapy (horsemanship, fishing, hiking, canoeing and group activities)
  • Specialty Group Sessions (self-esteem, boundary issues, addictions, anger management, trauma)
  • Brain Science, Neuro feedback and Brain Mapping, Quantitative EEG
  • Psychiatric Services
  • Full Medical Care Available

Residential Living

  • Mt. Pleasant Academy24 hour Awake Supervision with Closed Circuit TV Monitoring
  • Relation Based Treatment
  • Daily Positive Peer Culture Group Sessions
  • Pro Social behavior – Leadership Skills
  • Life Skills (social, leadership, time management, positive values, healthy living) Community Service Projects

Student Profile

  • Mount Pleasant Academy programSexual compulsive behavior
  • Attachment
  • Pornography/digital addiction
  • Adoption issues
  • Abuse and addiction
  • Depression

Whom Do We Serve?

Students at Mt. Pleasant Academy are typically boys 12-18 who are battling pornography addiction, digital addictions, and compulsive sexual behavior.

Mt. Pleasant Academy students are good boys, from good families, yet they are confused, compulsive, and are struggling with some extremely critical errors of thought and behaviors. They may have learned to cope with relationship difficulties by turning to pornography and sexual behavior to temporarily feel good.

The typical Mt Pleasant Academy student IS NOT a sexual offender with multiple stranger victims and no empathy or remorse, but a young man who simply needs to learn more about his self-worth and how to cope with trauma and relationship difficulties in healthy, fulfilling ways

Mt. Pleasant Academy takes a holistic approach combining evidence-based therapy, academic instruction, and emotional development through a comprehensive well-balanced therapeutic approach. It is known for transforming boys – taking a life of self-destruction, porn addiction, and chaos and turning it into a life of self-care, confidence and peace.

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For Help, Call:

(844) 360-4101

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