Jamie Young – Our Team

Jamie Young
Artistic Director at
Lava Heights Academy
        Jamie Young joins Lava Heights Academy after a 19 year career as a musical theater professor at Western Wyoming College. What began as an opportunity to share his ideas with administration turned into being welcomed on board as our Artistic Director. During his teaching career, Jamie began to see how beneficial artistic training was not only for improving technique and performance, but for helping individuals better their everyday lives.  
        Lava Heights Academy is striving to “merge the worlds of academics, therapy, and artistic training,” says Jamie. “We want to get those three areas co-existing. As our students become better artists (through training and instruction), art therapy can work better for them; they can express themselves more effectively.” Jamie’s vision coming into the program was to transform artisitic enrichment into an actual artistic curriculum.
        Jamie directs some of the theatrical productions that take place on campus, teaches rotating arts classes, teaches private lessons, and oversees the fine arts department as a whole. He is also co-owner of Brigham’s Playhouse in Washington, UT, the actualization of a 20 year goal to establish a community theater.
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