Dr. Carolle Bell – Our Team

Falcon Ridge Ranch
Dr. Carolle Bell
Clinical Director & Director of Equine Services at 
Falcon Ridge Ranch
“Equine therapy can help girls to reach inside themselves when they may be unable to do so in the office. Working with horses helps them to build relationships, develop boundaries, learn problem solving, and identify success. It can be a powerful tool for helping therapy to move along.”
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Carolle Bell has been the Equine Director at Falcon Ridge Ranch for the last 12 years, and the Clinical Director for the last six. She is a licensed clinical social worker, holding an MSW from the University of Texas and a PhD in special education from Utah State University. Carolle is one of 26 mental health mentors certified by EAGALA (Equine Assisted Growth and Learning Association) to train and mentor other mental health professionals seeking to obtain advanced certification in equine therapy.

Carolle is patient and compassionate with her clients. Her previous work in adoptions lends itself to working well with the students at Falcon Ridge Ranch, many of whom are adopted and/or dealing with attachment disorders and trauma. With a strong background in family therapy, Carolle believes it necessary to seek to heal the whole family, not just the child.
     Carolle will be presenting at this year’s EAGALA conference in March 2015.
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