Mount Pleasant Academy – Experiential Redefined


Experiential Redefined


Mount Pleasant Academy has revamped its schedule to include a number of new clubs for students to participate in, including photography, music, art, and game clubs. Most recently, the guys had a chance to do some studies with  darkness and light for photography club.     

“We are really striving to keep the kids busy and focused on experiential activities, while at the same time giving them tools and hobbies to take with them in the future,” says Matt Kiefer, Program Director. As the weather begins to warm up this spring, some of the club offerings will shift to incorporate more time outdoors, including sports, hiking, and wood working. 

     Mount Pleasant Academy continues to provide students with opportunities to engage in equine activities as part of their daily schedules. Weekend activities include community service projects as well as recreational outings. Students will have the chance to participate in a sweat lodge ceremony on campus later this week.


Red Rock Canyon School – The Multimedia Experience



The Multimedia Experience

Students paint the green room

What once started as an idea, a camera, and some computer software has turned into a multimedia studio at Red Rock Canyon School. Under the guidance of George Manu, students have the opportunity to learn photography, artistic composition, film production including filming and editing, music editing, and the use of the editing program Final Cut Pro.

     Students learn to work as a team as they take their project from the planning stage, through production, and into post production editing. They develop responsibility and discipline through learning proper equipment etiquette and care. By preparing the skits and music performed for each Red Rock parent weekend, students learn the value of patience and hard work; it can take about two months two create a 15 minute performance.

     “The main goal is to get the creative juices flowing,” says George. “I want the kids to not be afraid to attempt something. If it’s challenging then let’s do it.” Students learn the value of having an idea, pursuing it, and seeing it succeed. They also learn the value of seeing their ideas fail. They learn that ideas and projects often change and evolve, and that just because one idea may not succeed, it does not mean they should fear pursuing their other ideas.